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"Todavía tengo mucho trabajo que hacer"
— Robin

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Versión del parche Fecha de lanzamiento Resumen de Cambios
Version 1.07[1] March 31st, 2016

1.07 Changes/Fixes

  • In-law dialogue... when you marry someone, their parents/relatives dialogues will change slightly to account for the change.
  • Fruit trees can't be destroyed by lightning
  • Fruit trees produce higher quality fruit as they age. (once per year, up to gold star)
  • Fruit tree harvesting now involves shaking the tree to drop the fruit.
  • Fixed grammar (e.g. "Eat a egg?") on eating dialogue.
  • Hardware mouse cursor option
  • Fixed sunflower seed price at joja.
  • NPC's at 10 hearts friendship will no longer decay
  • Restored lost sprinkler effects
  • Potential weed greenhouse bug fix
  • Potential bug fix for an audio engine path problem that prevented the game from starting
  • Game now keeps a backup save file for your character (previous day)
  • Added another digit to the shipping menu money counters.
  • Minor changes/fixes to dialogue.

v1.07b (6:16pm PST March 28th)

  • Poppy properly consumed in poppyseed muffin recipe
  • Can no longer "use" trap bobbers (click to make them disappear with strange sound)
  • Spouse stands next to you at the Dance of the Moonlight Jellies
  • Tools left in chests within farm buildings won't count as "missing"
  • Dying in mines is less harsh: money lost caps at 5000g, rate of item loss reduced slightly, can't lose rings or a certain very rare weapon.

v1.07c (9:39pm PST March 30th)

  • Bug fixes and improvements to Journey Of The Prairie King (powerups/coins on the edge of map can be retrieved)
  • Your assigned movement keys can be used for Journey Of The Prairie King
  • It should be easier to place items with the gamepad, and there is now an option to show an item placement indicator.
  • Snow yams shouldn't appear in the desert anymore
  • Sea Cucumber should properly appear in the fishing tab of the Shipping menu
  • Spouses now say unique dialogues during festivals (most of the time), rather than the generic handful of dialogues.
  • The last two hearts are now greyed-out for marriage candidates until you give them the bouquet.

v1.07 "final build" (6:13pm PST March 31st)

  • Minor bug fixes

v1.07 "final final build" (7:24pm PST March 31st)

  • Fixed issue where you can't eat
Version 1.06[2] March 20th, 2016

1.06 Changes/Fixes

  • Added unique dialogues for all spouses.
  • Spouses now leave the house on mondays.
  • Value of most animal products increased.
  • Holly is now poisonous.
  • Missing events problem shouldn't happen anymore.
  • Minor bug/grammar/graphics fixes.
Version 1.051b[3] March 17th, 2016 (HOTFIX)

1.051b Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed disappearing item problem. (items can still be destroyed by farm debris)
  • Kegs now require oak resin to craft.
  • Bee houses now require maple syrup to craft.
  • Tortilla price changed from 75g to 50g.
  • Nautilus shell (artifact) renamed to Nautilus fossil.
Version 1.051[4] March 12th, 2016 (HOTFIX)

1.051 Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed weird rectangle lighting problem.
  • Flooring can now be removed by bombs.
  • You can press a "menu" button (
    by default) to close out of yes/no dialogues
  • If no other function is mapped to it, the
    key will choose "yes" in a yes/no dialogue
  • You can use the trigger buttons on a gamepad to navigate through the Community Center menu.
  • Minor fixes.
  • More secrets.
Version 1.05[5] March 9th, 2016 (RELEASE)

March 4th, 2016 (BETA)

1.05 Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • Only read if you've gotten to year 3: Grandpa's had a change of heart... he feels he's been a little too harsh with his judgements. He no longer mentions "great honors", and his dialogue is a lot softer. If he's already visited you, check his shrine for a new opportunity...
  • Restored a "Lost" Shane event.
  • Changed earthquake to Summer 3rd... to make it clear that it's the season change that kills crops.
  • Increased opportunities for iridium. The chance to find iridium in the skull caves increases significantly every ten levels.
  • Added a zoom in/out feature to the options tab.
  • Added volume sliders for ambient sounds and footstep sounds.
  • Added snow transparency slider.
  • Added option to turn off flash effects.
  • Added lighting quality option.
  • Added quest (Rat Problem) to make it clearer that you have to investigate the Community Center.

Bug Fixes

  • Leah's schedule has been fixed.
  • Spouses who have jobs won't get stuck in the bus area anymore.
  • Upgrading a house with crafted flooring should no longer cause a mess.
  • Restored more advanced NPC end-point behavior.
  • "Secret" NPC's should no longer show up on calendar until you meet them.
  • Escargot, chowder, etc. should now properly give fishing buff.
  • You now truly cannot pass the bouncer.
  • You can no longer get stuck trying to board the bus
  • Fixed issue with invisible trees preventing interaction with tiles.
  • Dead flowers no longer affect honey.
  • You can now dance with your spouse at the Flower Dance.
  • Game should now properly pause when steam overlay is active.
  • Fixed issue where inactive window was still responding to input.
  • Fixed fertilizer prices in Pierre's shop.
  • Fixed Fector's Challenge
  • You can now press the toolbar shortcut keys (
    , etc. by default) to change the active slot while the inventory menu is up.
  • Iron ore nodes can no longer be removed, only destroyed.
  • Dog should no longer sit on chests...
  • Spouses less likely to run away into the dark abyss.
  • Naming your child after an NPC should no longer cause issues.
  • Fixed issue where recipes would sometimes consume more ingredients than they should.
  • Fixed crashes in certain cutscenes, when certain dialogue options were chosen.
  • Many small bug and typo fixes.
Version 1.04[6] March 1, 2016

1.04 Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • Added a randomize character button to the character creation screen.
  • Robin now sells crafting recipes for "Wood Floor", "Stone Floor", and "Stepping Stone Path".
  • Added a secret new way to modify a rare item.
  • Increased grass growth rate.
  • Increased forage spawn possibilities, and made it much less likely for forage to spawn behind trees.
  • Reduced value of honey from 200g to 100g.
  • Raised clint's ore prices.
  • Inventory menus now indicate which slot is the "active slot".
  • Made the meteroite look snazzier.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed problem with swinging sword while riding horse.
  • Fixed strange lighting behavior when holding torches.
  • Fixed problem where stone fence was spawning debris.
  • Spouse should no longer get stuck on their way to town.
  • Wild seeds now produce the proper produce when in the greenhouse.
  • Secret gift exchange should now work properly.
  • All scarecrows now give reports on their crow-scaring activity.
  • Bouncer is now truly impassable.
  • Trees no longer grow directly in front of warp statues.
  • Willy's shop no longer counts as water.
  • The meteor should no longer appear in pond or buildings.
  • If an object is ever directly underneath you, preventing you from moving, right click to remove it.
  • Mariner and Luremaster professions should now work properly
  • Tappers are now properly destroyed by bombs.
  • Fixed bathing hairstyle inconsistency.
  • Fixed various item duplication and stacking issues.
  • Poppyseed Muffin now actually looks like a muffin.
  • Quest items should no longer disappear when you die.
  • You can no longer give quest items to the wrong person.
  • The Skull Cave quest can no longer be completed before receiving the actual journal entry.
Version 1.03[7] February 28, 2016

1.03 Gameplay Additions/Changes

  • The cooking menu now looks for items in your refrigerator as well as your inventory.
  • Scarecrow range reduce to 8 tiles radius.
  • The price of mayonnaise and other artisan animal products now increased by the rancher profession.
  • Once you befriend someone to 2 hearts, their room is permanently unlocked, even if you go below 2 hearts again.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed duplicate item issue in the mines.
  • Ladders should no longer spawn underneath the player, locking them in place.
  • Fixed problems with the Community Center menu. You can now throw items down and delete them (
    key) in the Community Center menu.
  • Fixed item quality exploit.
  • You can now throw items down while in the crafting menu.
  • If you destroy the stable, you can now rebuild it.
  • Spa won't recharge you while the game is paused (e.g. steam overlay up).
  • Fixed problems with the Stardew Valley Fair fishing game.
  • Various stability fixes.
Version 1.02[8] February 27, 2016

1.02 Changes/Fixes

  • If you never received your pet, you will now have another opportunity.
  • When you go to sleep, the game now checks if any of your essential tools are missing. If so, they will appear next to your bed in the morning.
  • The game now properly saves on level-up nights.
  • Eating skill food and then going to bed on a level-up night works properly now.
  • Fixed problem where completing the Crafts Room while standing in certain locations causes your character to get stuck.
  • Player character should now walk correctly while in a cutscene after drinking coffee.
  • Removed an item duplication exploit.
  • Forage items should no longer spawn in the woods above the beach.
  • Fixed Crab Pot problem (again)
  • Fixed exploding armchair bug.
  • Relaxing in the spa with your menu up no longer restores energy.
  • Removed Leah's doppelganger.
  • Debris should no longer spawn in the pathway between farm & forest.
  • Fixed disappearing tapper problem.
  • Fixed a few minor graphics problems & dialogue typos.
  • Other minor issues (spoilers)
  • Tools being upgraded no longer erroneously considered "missing"
  • Clay duplication bug fixed
  • Pet cutscene won't refer to the "cat" as a "dog" anymore.
  • Leah's 10-heart event fixed
  • Pepper Popper recipe now requires cheese.
Version 1.01[9] February 26, 2016

1.01 Changes/Fixes

  • Fixed random crash when going to sleep after getting your pet
  • Sound effect volume now properly applied on load
  • 'Error item' should no longer appear for sale in the Saloon
  • Z
    key is now bind-able
  • No longer possible to exit the Community Center menus while holding an item.
  • Finding your first artifact from a geode no longer destroys remaining held geodes.
  • Mature wild crops no longer disappear on day of load.
  • Crab pots can now be placed and removed without issue.
  • Fixed crash when inspecting chests in the mines.
  • You can no longer place chests in the mines
  • Tree seeds no longer incorrectly show a "Wrong Season" message
  • Fixed some map issues
Version 1.0[10] February 26, 2016

Versión de lanzamiento

  • Stardew Valley released.


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